Community Based Life Skills Program

Community Based Life Skills Program

The Community Based Life Skills (CBLS) program offers comprehensive classroom and individual training that covers material important for successful independent living. The program runs on a Spring and Fall semester schedule. The curriculum is geared towards improving each youth’s ability to maximize his or her potential in school, at work and in the community.

The Community Based Life Skills Program Assists Youth in Gaining Knowledge
on Living Successfully as an Independent Adult.

Topics include:

  •     Nutrition & food management
  •     Personal appearance & hygiene
  •     Money management & banking
  •     Buying & financing/Being an educated consumer
  •     Renting an apartment
  •     Understanding a lease
  •     Time management
  •     Improving academic achievement
  •     Educational planning & guidance, including help with college applications
  •     Career & vocational guidance
  •     Job application & resume writing
  •     Job interviewing skills
  •     Legal rights & responsibilities
  •     AIDs, STDs & Sexual Awareness
  •     Drug & alcohol awareness
  •     Self-esteem and motivation
  •     Effective relationship building & problem solving
  •     Personal responsibility & ethics

Community Based Life Skills Program Participants

LISA’s Community Based Life Skills Program serves youth age 14 and older, who are in Foster care. All youth attending CBLS live in foster homes in the Greater Waterbury Area. These are teens who are facing the transition into adulthood and independence and are in need of building skills to enable them to live independently.

Typically, ten teens are enrolled per session, allowing for personalized instruction. Since each teen is facing the same transition, and many share a common background, lasting friendships are often made.


For more information on The Community Based Life Skills Program, please do not hesitate to call, email or write:


Diane Capaldo
Life Skills Educator
LISA, Inc.
83 Prospect Street
Waterbury, CT 06710
(203) 757-3900