About LISA, Inc.

LISA, Inc. (Living In Safe Alternatives, Inc.) is a, 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Our target population includes Connecticut teens in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. The programs and services we provide help young people develop healthy interpersonal relationships, acquire academic achievement, manage social and cultural interactions, facilitate the exploration of spirituality, and teach independent living skills. Many of LISA, Inc.'s programs are funded by the CT Department of Children and Families. We also receive donations and grants from the Plainville Community Foundation and Fund for Women and Girls at the Main Street Community Foundation, the CT Community Foundation, Community Foundation of New Britain, Ion Bank, Naugatuck Valley Savings Bank, The Odyssey Foundation, and The Southington Chamber of Commerce. Our annual fundraising activities make a significant impact on the lives of the youth in our care.

About Us

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Our vision is that all young people receive the support they need to become adults who are healthy, productive, and self-sufficient.


The mission of LISA, Inc. is to provide safe, supportive, empowering programs that build skills, awaken hope for the future, and help young people successfully transition into adulthood.


We believe in the limitless possibility of each individual.

We meet each young person where they are and we help them to become the best version of themselves.  We utilize strength-based approaches that emphasize skill building.  We believe that each individual can overcome early life challenges and reach his/her full potential.

We value the whole person, with all their unique qualities.

We understand that each person experiences the world differently, in part because society interacts with people of differing characteristics, such as sex, gender, sexuality, race, culture, and ability, in different ways. We treat all people with respect and we embrace a healthy curiosity about differences.  We celebrate diversity and ensure that our practices are inclusive.

We believe in the power of connection and kindness.

We value relationships and work to build them by establishing a foundation of trust, honesty and optimism.  These values are particularly important given the pervasiveness of trauma and what it takes to help survivors learn to thrive.  Kindness matters.

We value the lessons of research and best practices.

We rely on quality research to guide the design of gender responsive, culturally competent, and trauma-informed services. Methods and techniques that align with evidence inform our program models.  Data collection and analysis shape decision making in all LISA, Inc. programs.

We value partnership and collaboration with stakeholders who share our goals.

We will always be more effective when we create a community of caring around each young person we serve.  By working with families and other community providers, we will increase our own competence and the effectiveness of our services with youth.






Current Program Offerings:


Lisa's Wish: Located in Plainville. The Supportive Work, Education, and Transition program serves young women, age 17-20. Serving up to 8 girls, we provide a safe, stable 8-bedroom apartment with staff located in an adjecent area of the program. Weekly opporrtunities for skill development, educational support, and healing is the focus. Our girls have a history of abuse and neglect and have experienced multiple placements throughtout their lives. Lisa's Wish intends to help girls build a foundation for a successful future. 

Supervised Apartments (SAIL) in Bristol: Transitional apartments for up to 12 young adults working towards independence and transition out of DCF care, including expectant mothers and parenting youth. Offering one and two bedroom apartments and 24/7 staff support. Youth are supported in all aspects of their lives, particularly in secondary education, vocational pursuits, higher education and exploration of career and job opportunities.

Community Based Life Skills (CBLS): A non-residential, community-based program for youth who reside with a foster family, who are 14-21 years old and reside in Connecticut. We provide skill-building and experiential learning opportunities that support youth in foster care to make a successful transition into independent living through individualized sessions.

Youth Excellence Project: A volunteer-run group mentoring program that serves male youth ages 13-17 who are in foster care, congregate care or who reside in an independent living facility in CT. Participating youth partake in two weekend-long leadership-building activities per month leading up to a trip to Califorina.

My Life, My Choice:  A new curriculum offered to girls ages 14-18 in Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Wolcott and Waterbury. MLMC aims at preventing commercial sexual exploitation among adolescent girls by employing survivors as group leaders. For more information about this program, please contact us by calling 860-426-0946.