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Youth Excellence Project Receives Multiple Grants to Continue the Adolescent Male Program.

YEP youth during their weekend training at Camp Harkness in New London, CT

WOLCOTT, CT – December, 2014 –   The Youth Excellence Project, a program supported by LISA, Inc., was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from the Fund for Greater Hartford. The allowance will fund the 2015 cohort, help sustain and grow the program to include more youth, and help develop programming for female foster care youth.
The Youth Excellence Project is a program for male youth ages 13-17 that are in foster care, congregate care or an independent living facility in Connecticut. Participating youths partake in two half-day workshops or activities per month leading up to a weeklong adventure trip in the Channel Islands National Park in Santa Barbara, CA,  August 1-8, 2015. This year, there are seven returning youth from the 2014 cohort, as well as nine new recruits. 
The mission of YEP is to empower youth who have endured significant life challenges to experience success, navigate life obstacles and emerge as adults committed to the betterment of society. Eligible youth will be carefully selected based on (a) evidence of the youth’s interest and enthusiasm in the project, (b) the fit between the youth’s needs and what the program has to offer and (c) evidence that he structure of the program is appropriate given the youth’s challenges. Youth will then demonstrate that they can work together to meet group goals, be responsible while taking on leadership positions, and work on becoming youth ambassadors against violence.
The Fund for Greater Hartford is making a sustainable impact on the vitality of Connecticut’s capital region by being a catalyst for hope, inspiration and creativity by improving the lives of its people, especially its children and families. Formerly known as The Hartford Courant Foundation, the Fund was started in 1950 and is committed to continue to support those organizations that are steadfast in their missions, deliver effective programs and demonstrate efficient operational practices. 
In addition to the Fund for Greater Hartford, the Youth Excellence Project has also received funding from the following grants and organizations:
- $10,000 from the Bissell Foundation 
- $5,000 from the Fidelity Charitable Fund
- $1,000 from the Fisher Fund (Hartford Foundation)

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