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LISA, Inc. Merges With Community Solutions, Inc.

Community Solutions, Inc. and LISA, Inc. (Living In Safe Alternatives) are coming together by means of a legal merger to increase organizational capacity and increase service accessibility for the people in their care.  

Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is a nonprofit organization that promotes self-reliance, responsibility and accountability for at-risk and disadvantaged youth and adults. Since 1962, Community Solutions has specialized in reintegrating offenders into the community. CSI offers community-based services and programs that are incorporated into an overall continuum of services and risk management strategies. CSI offers a portfolio of services to thousands of youth and adults in 11 states and in Canada, referred through contracts with federal, state, and local juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, and social service agencies.  

For over 45 years, LISA, Inc. has provided quality care and skill-enhancing programs for Connecticut's most vulnerable children and youth, age 14- 23. Offering an independent living home for girls with no available family, supervised apartments for teens leaving state care and moving into adulthood, and a Life Skills Academy to equip youth who reside with foster care families with meaningful life skills and leadership ability, LISA, Inc. serves some of the most traumatized, loss-stricken adolescents in Connecticut.  LISA, Inc. also has meaningful partnerships with local providers to reach youth and adults in the community who need a variety of services and supports. 

The two non-profit organizations have earned a solid reputation in the field of human services for their work and have been recognized for their respective commitments to strengthening the communities they serve.  This merger is a strategic alliance that will increase their collective impact with the people they serve and in the communities they support. 

“We are thrilled to be merging with LISA, Inc. as a way to provide greater services to the state of Connecticut,” said Fernando Muñiz, Chief Executive Officer of Community Solutions, Inc.  He adds, “Part of our strategic plan is to expand impact by ensuring the communities we serve have access to a high quality continuum of care.   By combining forces with LISA, Inc., we will have a continuum of services that includes both youth and adult services across all of Connecticut.  LISA, Inc. will become the youth serving division of Community Solutions 
in Connecticut.  An additional benefit of the merger is the ability to combine our back office operations into a more efficient and streamlined organization.”  

“We are equally as excited to be merging with Community Solutions,” remarked Kimberly Selvaggi, Executive Director of LISA, Inc.  Selvaggi stated, “We started this journey as a way to try to increase the programs and services LISA, Inc. currently offers, and to be able to serve more young people.  Through that process, we identified a true partner, Community Solutions, Inc., and found that the synergy between us, our staff, and our board of directors was tremendous. Co-creating a new infrastructure with a larger, mission similar, funding-diverse, non-profit organization will increase our capacity and help us serve those already in our care more comprehensively. The merger with Community Solutions will strengthen our ability to endure future funding shifts, increase resources to effectively serve our current target population, and collaboratively build out community-based program models.” 

Muñiz added, “While LISA, Inc. is a smaller organization than Community Solutions, it brings an abundance of strengths to this partnership.  The coalition positions Community Solutions for additional youth programming both in Connecticut and in the other states we serve.  The expertise of the LISA, Inc. staff and their success with private fundraising and special events will be great complements to Community Solutions.” 

The Board of Directors for both organizations voted unanimously to approve the merger.

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