What We Do

Agency Programs

LISA, Inc. offers residential and transitional housing programs for at-risk adolescents and parenting teens in the custody of the CT Department of Children and Families. On average, the youth referred to LISA, Inc. are between 14-23 years old. Each year, the agency serves 65-70 children and their families within its programs. LISA, Inc. takes pride in operating programs that are designed to eliminate and/or significantly reduce risk factors by incorporating key program aspects, staff training and implementing effective practices.

Programs and Location

Main Office: 200 Executive Blvd, Southington, CT

Lisa's Wish: Plainville, CT 

Supervised Apartments, Living Indepentdent Living: (SAIL), Merident, CT

Life Skills Academy: 200 Exectutive Blvd, Southington, CT

Youth Excellence Program, Statewide